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The ELECTRAVIA company develops and markets carbon aircraft propellers for all types of engines => hélices E-PROPS


The company markets its innovative carbon propellers (the lightest in the world) in more than 50 countries. The 1.700 m² workshops are located near Sisteron'airfield (Provence - France). 12 people are working in the company.


équipe e-props electravia 2015

the team



Between 2007 and 2014, the team has developped complete electric propulsion systems for aviation => electric engines E-MOTOR, E-SCREEN instruments, KOKAM Lithium-Polymer integrated batteries E-BATTS, composites parts for aeronautics E-STRAT


ELECTRAVIA has developped some well-known prototypes of electric aircraft : (Electra BL01, Cri-Cri MC15E, ElectroTrike, Luciole MC30E, ElectroLight2, E-Spider...).


The BL01 Electra was the first electric aircraft in the world (first flight in December 2007, pilot Christian Vandamme).

The MC15E Cri-Cri established a world speed record at 283 km/h (June 2011) and was the first electric aircraft to cross the Channel (9 July 2015, pilot Hugues Duval).



two exceptional electric aircraft : Electra and Cri-Cri



For a few months now, the Electravia team has decided to suspend its activities of development, integration and marketing of electric motorizations for aircraft, in order to dedicate itself completely to the manufacturing of its carbon E-Props propellers.



ELECTRAVIA realizes half of its annual sales at export, in 52 different countries. Based on Sisteron's airfield (Provence, south-east of France), on a 1000 m² workshop, the company employs 12 people today.










HELICES E-PROPS (Carbon Aircraft Propellers) are designed and manufactured for several engines on a lot of light aircraft : airplanes, motorgliders, ultralights, trikes, gyroplanes, UAV, airships and paramotors. Those propellers are manufactured in full carbon : blades and hub. The development objectives of those innovative propellers are to increase the engine's efficiency, to improve the aircraft performances and to reduce the noise of blades.

Several models ground adjustable pitch and in flight variable pitch.

Three ranges of propellers : UL-PROPS (for aircraft and ultralights), PPG-PROPS (for paramotors) and UAV-PROPS (for UAV).

Some parts are manufactured in carbon with RTM process.

hélice à pas variable en vol GLORIEUSE


hélices E-PROPS







The electric engines E-MOTOR equip ultralights, light planes, airships, paramotors and mainly UAV. They are completed with E-SCREEN instruments, E-BATTS batteries and composites parts E-STRAT.


Until today, electric ELECTRAVIA aircraft have realized 3 world "Premières" and 5 world records (see REALIZATIONS : Electra BL01, Cri-Cri MC15E, ElectroTrike, Luciole MC30E, ElectroLight2, E-Spider...












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04200 VAUMEILH - France

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