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Twin-Engine MC15E Cri-Cri


World Speed Record with electric aircraft : 283 km/h




On September 5th 2010, pilot Hugues Duval established a world speed record for electric airplane aboard his twin engine MC15E  CriCri “E-Cristaline”. During Pontoise Airshow, the top speed of 262 km/h (141 kt) was recorded by Aero Club de France organizers.This airplane was equipped with two ELECTRAVIA electric motors, two E-PROPS propellers specially designed for this record, and two Lithium-Polymère KOKAM BATTERIES.




MC15E bimoteur cr-cri electrique Duval record du monde de vitesse en avion electrique

pilot : Hugues Duval - MC15E Cri-Cri E-Cristaline

during electric aircraft speed record (262 km/h)



Then, on the 25th of June 2011, during official flight presentation in 2011 Paris Air Show (Salon du Bourget), Hugues Duval established a new world record : 283 km/h ! (175,46 mph)

See article on EAA's website : Electric Cri-Cri Breaks Own World Electric Speed Record




salon du bourget 2011 283 km/h record du monde de vitesse pour avions électriques cri-cri hugues duval electravia



Only electric engines allow to fly so fast. The same plane with thermical engines with exactly the same power fly at 220 km/h. The Cri-Cri with ELECTRAVIA electric propulsion system fly at 283 km/h, 63 km/h faster, 30% faster !


This flight has shown to key actors of aeronautics world present at Paris Air Show 2011 that electric engines are a real alternative way of propulsion.



le cricri record du monde  de vitesse 283 km/h


French TV Report, click here!







Twin-engine MC15E Cri-Cri "E-Cristaline"is equipped with electric propulsion systems ELECTRAVIA :

- two electric engines E-MOTOR GMPE 104 (engines and controllers), maximum unit power de 35 HP (total power of the aircraft 70 HP)

- two specific propellers E-PROPS designed for the record (see here Hélices du Record MC15E)

- a Lithium-Polymer batterie of 3 kWh (KOKAM cells, BMS & PCM Electravia)



GMPE 104

engine E-MOTOR GMPE 104 : 35 HP


helices e-props pour record de vitesse

propeller E-PROPS specially designed

for the speed record


ELECTRAVIA team has made great efforts to optimized the engines fairings. The form drag was reducted of 46% with regards to Cri-Cri two-stroke engines version.





carénages moteurs electravia cricri


carénages pods moteurs électriques pour record de vitesse


optimized engines fairings - reduction of 46% of the form drag



This optimization allows to establish world speed records (262, then 283 km/h) with only 25 HP, at 75% of the maximum power. The maximum speed is limited by the VNE of the airframe.


With a special batteries pack, it would be possible to use the engines GMPE 104 at maximum power (70 HP) => it could be possible to reach the speed of 360 km/h !

At speed 110 km/h, the endurance of the Cri-Cri is 25 mn of flight.




courbe de puissance nécessaire en vol


power curve




MC15 "Cri-Cri" n° 27 F-PZTU


cricri thermique

old version with two engines JPX

with 30 HP => max speed 220 km/h

cricri électrique

new version with two electric engines ELECTRAVIA

with 25 HP => max speed 283 km/h !






At the end of the 90s, Yves Duval, Hughes' father, presented in airshows the "Breton Shuttle": a Broussard with a small Cri-Cri on his cockpit for the take-off, then once during flight, Cri-Cri takes off from the Broussard and evolved by its side. At that time, both aircraft were sponsored by the company Brittany Ferries. The installation of Cri-Cri on the Broussard required some means of lifting:



navette bretonne duval cricri broussard

Breton Shuttle at the end of the 90s



In 2012, the Breton Shuttle is again operational, this time with electric Cri-Cri E-Cristaline and the Broussard in the colors of the Group Tranchant. It participates in some airshows: Cergy-Pontoise, Roanne... The public is delighted to discover this a little bit particular "hybrid"aircraft !



Breton Shuttle Duval Cri-Cri électrique 2012 ElectraviaBreton Shuttle Broussard Cri-Cri electric ELECTRAVIA 2012



navette bretonne cricri électravia navette bretonne cricri électrique

Bretion Shuttle in Sept 2012

(Cergy-Pontoise airshow 02/09/2012) - click on the pictures to open them



Electric engines used by the Cri-Cri, more reliable than its old 2-stroke engines, secures strongly this kind of presentation.


avion moteur électrique CRICRI ELECTRAVIA silencieux

very silent aircraft = very small headset




navette bretonne


video :"Navette Spéciale" teaser



la une de Info Pilote avril 2013

Info Pilote avril 2013






It is the first time that a 100% electric aircraft is flying during the Paris Air Show. In the same time, presence at the Air Show of the SOLAR IMPULSE eclipses all other electric aircraft. But airshow visitors have seen the Cri-Cri flying all days.



cricri et boeing 747-8


Pilot Hugues Duval in his twin-electric-engine "Cri-Cri", the smallest plane in the world,

is overshadowed by the Boeing 747-8FA during the 49th Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget airport near Paris, France

(Pascal Rossignol for Reuters)


le cri-cri MC15E au Salon du Bourget 2011






Cri-Cri was present at the Airshow AERO Friedrichshafen 2011, and participate to the LEAP Prize, a biannual suite of prizes designed to accelerate development of practical electric flight, and stimulate meaningful advances in the emerging electric aircraft industry.


Finalists of the Lindbergh Prize were :

• The Pipistrel Taurus Electro
• The Sunseeker II solar airplane by Eric Raymond

• The Hugues Duval Electric Cri-Cri with power by Electravia


Pipistrel was the winner, but the Cri-Cri team was very proud to have been choosen as finalist !




jury du prix Lindbergh

from left to right : 5 LEAP members - Cri-Cri E-Cristaline – Erik Lindbergh –

Hugues Duval & Nicolas Leborgne (Yankee Delta) – Anne  & Christian (Electravia)


visite du stand Electravia par Erik Lindbergh






bimoteur Cri-Cri MC15E Colomban électriqueavion électrique Cri-Cri électrique ELECTRAVIA



Le E-Cristaline se recharge

charge : 1h30



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More information, pictures, videos :

Please contact our team => infos@electravia.fr



paris air show cri cri





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