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MC30E "Firefly"


with ELECTRAVIA propulsion system




From 1rst to 3rd of August, 2011 takes place the first fight tests campaign of the MC30E "Firefly" with electric propulsion system Electravia: engine E-MOTOR, propeller E-PROPS, KOKAM battery.



MC30E essais en vol avec système ELECTRAVIA



video MC30E Luciole électrique campagne d'essais 1


*** VIDEO August 2011 ***

*** VIDEO March 2012 ***



MC30E Luciole électrique LSA Jean-Luc Soullier ELECTRAVIA Hélices E-PROPS

flight test campaign above Sisteron's airfield (LFNS)



This MC30E Firefly is equipped with a complete electric propulsion system ELECTRAVIA :


- engine and controller E-MOTOR GMPE 102 (maximum power 26 HP)

- custom-made propeller E-PROPS designed for this aircraft

- specific instrumentation on OLED screen, with data recorder

- Lithium-Polymer batterie of 4,7 kWh (KOKAM cells, BMS & PCM Electravia), 33 kg, endurance 55 minutes.

- special optimized engine fairings in order to reduce form drag and interference drag and optimize system's performances.







capot moteur luciole mc30e lsa electravialuciole électrique mc30e lsa electravialsa jean-luc soullier electravia luciole colomban MC30 E

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Empty weight of the aircraft incuding batteries : 113 kg (248,6 lbs)


Between 1rst and 3rd of August, 7 fight tests have been realized. Data are extrated from specific instrumentation developped for this aircraft and this application.


Some tests results :

- max climb rate : 6 m/sec / 1.181 ft/mn

- max. horizontal speed  : 220 km/h / 119 kt at 3000 ft

- take off run : 62 m / 189 ft

- noise level at take off : 52 dB/A


During passage 150 m vertical airfield, the noise generated by this electric aircraft is lower than the ambient noise in the campaign around.


In comparison with a MC30 Firefly with a 26 CV four-stroke engine :

- max climb rate increases by 41%

- max. horizontal speed  increases by 10%

- take off run is reduced of 38%

- noise level at take off is reduced from 61 to 52 dB/A (- 9 dB/A)



records FAI RAL1E



In February and September 2012, 4 FAI world records have been established with this MC30E.

Those records are the first in this new FAI subclass RAL1E.


records du monde FAI ULM électriques



Those records are not the maximum the pilot could do with this electric aircraft :
He has reached this altitude with only 35 Ah of the 60 Ah he had on the batteries, and the maximum speed was only on a 50 km circuit and not the maximum speed ha could have reached (about 220 km/h).

The pilot has choosen to do such records now and to increase them in the coming months...





MC30E luciole électrique ELECTRAVIA Héices E-PROPS LSA59 DAH luciole électrique soullier LSA electravia hélices e-propsluciole à moteur électrique LSA ELECTRAVIA



avion électrique luciole monoplace electravia LSA soullier sisteron électravia hélices e-props luciole mc30e société LSA Soullier




luciole LSA  coucher de soleil essais en vol système électraviaelectravia LSA luciole MC30E Soullier LSA Soullier luciole électrique MC30E





For more information, please contact our team => infos@electravia.fr






- EAA : Electric MC30E Firefly Flies with new motor